About us


We are a tech-enabled exporting company that provides a one-stop end-to-end exporting platform that provides services to any and all trading businesses around the world.


The foundation of 1Export is set on the belief of establishing an exporting system that goes beyond existing limitations that any country may face; a system that successfully operates to overcome any trade barriers by providing transparent, fluid, and efficient partnerships with clients. 1Export envisions a culture where all businesses are empowered through the ease of accessibility to any and all means of exporting.

“To establish a low-barrier trading environment globally that operates seamlessly and efficiently with all businesses in all countries.”


1Export aims to break the barriers of the exporting industry by providing businesses new opportunities that enable companies to build a well-established presence on the international market. The company nurtures and helps businesses for them to be globally competitive by instilling a culture of efficiency and innovation through consistent and transparent international connections.

“To provide new and efficient innovative trade solutions for the exporting needs of businesses all over the world.”