1Export Works Remotely

March 2020 was the time that the Philippines was placed under quarantine measures. No one was allowed to go to work and the transportation system was also not accessible.. Despite these measures, 1Export team has been working remotely during that time. Being a tech-driven exporting company, we highly invest in the technology that we use. Driven by our goal to help MSMEs to #GoGlobal, this required us to be at par with the global standards particularly in using these productivity and communication applications.

Here’s the list of our must haves application for any team that works remotely:

  • Google

Guided by their mission “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, everyone is using them. Google is a necessary application for any business to thrive. They have different products, from the common ones that the businesses need up to the most complex for developers. One of which that busy people will love is the use of Gmail delegates for email management. Not all of the business people are aware of its existence. Thus this was considered one of the underutilized features of Gmail.

Going back to Google, their products and apps, let the whole team collaborate efficiently. We can edit docs using Google Docs, tabulate data using the Google sheets, create and share slides using Google slides and the Google Drive that let us share the info just by sending links within the team and a whole lot more. We really can’t imagine our professional life without the help of Google.

  • Google Meet

Another favorite of ours is Google Meet. Formerly, called Hangout Meet, it is where we do our online meetings. It consumes less data allowance compared to its competitors Skype & Zoom.

As stated in their website, it adjusts to your network speed ensuring high quality video calls, wherever you are, with the help of AI enhancements.

We almost have online meetings everyday regarding work load and ongoing projects.

We also utilize this tool in checking how everyone is coping with the existing pandemic and the what help each member would need.

  • Trello

Trello, as per their official website, is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. It’s a project-monitoring application that serves as an online visual daily planner for the whole team letting everyone know what the agenda is, who’s working in those projects and even the development of the ongoing projects. It’s an interactive white board that everyone can utilize whenever the need arises.

We monitor and give tasks through this interactive digital whiteboard which allows us to upload files, tag a teammate and let everyone know that we have finished our task. Feel free to use this link: https://trello.com/karenmatala/recommend

  • Jandi

JANDI, as per their website, is a group-oriented messaging platform with an integrated suite of collaboration tools that is tailor-made for workplaces in Asia. They have chat rooms in which only the right people involved in the project can see and interact with the involved people. You can also utilize this app for company announcements and integrate your apps(like Trello and Google Calendar) for easier navigation.

It’s our go-to app as our official internal company communication tool.

  • Remember the Milk

Remember the Milk is “the smart to-do app for busy people”. Instead of getting email updates on what you should do as your daily or weekly task, it is now listed in this app. You can also sync all your devices and be reminded everywhere like in Gmail, Twitter, Evernote etc. Plus you can use it to list personal and work tasks. There’s also the magical search wizard that makes it easier to search your tasks.

The list above are our commonly used and utilized apps for productivity while working with the team. But we also observe some rules in mind while working remotely.

  • Be considerate. Please give a few time for your teammates to respond.

Working from home is a lot different than working in the office. From the set up, the atmosphere, your companions and responsibilities, it’s really almost a 180° turnaround. Some of your teammates are parents that need to take care of their kids while working remotely in their home.

Remember that we are in the same ocean but in different boats.

  • Work at our own pace focusing on the quality of your work/deliverables.

Working remotely lets us work at our own pace as long as we deliver. It’s more of the quality of the output that matters than our presence(unless it’s an online meeting that you’d said yes).

  • Be present in the required online meetings and feel free to share your ideas.

As a dynamic team, we encourage our team members to contribute ideas that will help make our work easier. We have different deliverables and working routines that foster group discussions, collaboration, cooperation and consensus.

  • Be resourceful as a solution-provider and improvised as much as possible.

Working remotely requires more creativity since not everyone has a nice space to work from.

Not everyone has that WFH corner consisting of a comfortable working chair, sturdy table and quick internet connection. Some are working just in their bed as their work space. Again, we are in the same ocean but in the same boat.

  • Be productive as much as possible.

Don’t waste your time since you are not being observed at the moment. Do things differently and rediscover your working habits. Adjust them if necessary. And please don’t forget to apply the fun theory while you’re doing any task.

We are not a perfect team. We value progression over perfection. But with the help of the apps that we utilize and the mindfulness that we are not in the same boat, we are 1Export still thriving. We flourish, whether working from the office or anywhere in the world, and we will still continue serving our purpose and commitment to help businesses #GoGlobal.