Breaking Barriers Of The Exporting Industry

For almost three years now, 1Export has been disrupting the export industry. The company aims to be a seamless and efficient tech-enabled group that will help lower down the barriers of exporting and innovate global trade by helping MSMEs export their products to new and exciting markets.

With almost 100 storefronts in four key markets, and 80 suppliers onboarded, the company is working with are focused on providing fresh & healthy fruits and assorted fruit products from various MSMEs. 1Export ensures that their agricultural suppliers provide nothing short of the best and freshest fruits & vegetables in South East Asia. Aside from agricultural products, the company also has an amazing variety of packaged consumer goods that are grocery and household favorites. With the wide variety of products that 1Export offers, the goal of making all MSMEs go global becomes clearer and clearer every day.

Many small businesses perfect their branding and product goals but fail to streamline their shipping and logistics. The primary concern for MSMEs in this area is to find a trustworthy shipping partner. Apart from this, logistics and supply chain issues arise such as:

  • Poor road network and connectivity
  • Lack of skilled and trustworthy delivery partners
  • Expensive shipping charges
  • Lack of access to the latest technology

To tackle this hurdle faced by businesses, 1Export introduced a quick solution to shipping woes.

1Export is an exporting service by young professionals. 1Export allows small businesses to ship products from the Philippines to international connections.

The foundation of 1Export is set on the belief of establishing an exporting system that goes beyond existing limitations that any country may face; a system that successfully operates to overcome any trade barriers by providing transparent, fluid, and efficient partnerships with clients. 1Export envisions a culture where all MSMEs is empowered through the ease of accessibility to any and all means of exporting

Many are interested to go global with 1Export, but wonder how to go about it. If you’re one of those people, click here to register with 1Export to help your business Go Global!