I Export with 1Export!

Back in 2014 in a trade show in Tokyo, 1Export was conceptualized to satisfy a specific economic need – exports. Launched in 2016, 1Export now operates in over 4 key markets across Australia, Qatar, Israel, and the United States. Today, 1Export unceasingly matches 100 store fronts, 80 suppliers, and 8 farming communities with Php 500,000 value of initial orders per market.

The 1Export way has revolutionized supply chain and exporting services by Helping businesses grow globally by providing exporting solutions for compliance and market access by bringing products to stores targeting ethnic markets whose customers have a high affiliation with products they used to have when they were in their home country; bringing products to stores targeting a larger population that is not limited to ethnicity and can be enjoyed by the mass market; relabeling the products to the store’s brand, where we intend to get higher volumes for the supplier; and bringing products to markets such as schools and food service industries.

1Export envisions to provide new and efficient innovative trade solutions for the exporting needs of MSMEs in the Philippines, where businesses can say “I Export with 1Export!”

Many are interested to go global with 1Export, but wonder how to go about it. If you’re one of those people, click here to register with 1Export to help your business Go Global!