Turning Ripples into Waves

It’s been close to 5 years since 1Export was realized, and 3 years since its launch, 1Export has been turning ripples into waves. Even the simplest and smallest of ideas could make ripples in changing the landscapes of the world we live in. With what started out as a simple desire to make the Philippine economy better, Melissa Nava, Co-Founder and CEO, has since then spearheaded one of the most riveted tech-enabled exporting startups in South East Asia.

Mel Nava wins Simona APAC Women Founders

Patrick Jingco, Marketing Associate, said “Our CSR initiative is the core mismo of the business. Which is helping all kinds of MSMEs in the Philippines. Pero what we’re planning to do to improve it is we’re trying to tap companies like DHL and PLDT and other big companies to help us promote the MSME businesses that we’re trying to help.

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