Supporting MSMEs: The most effective way to bounce back the Philippine Economy

Now that our economy is opening up and trying to cope in the new normal scenario in the middle of the year, the best way to help our economy bounce back is to support the MSMEs. MSMEs compose a majority of our registered businesses in the Philippines with a small percentage being big multinational companies that also started out life as MSMEs before they grew to what they are today. Realizing this, 1Export, an export enabler company from the Philippines by helping them to go global, came up with a great initiative. Caravan was born as a way to support our local MSMEs as we empower overseas Filipinos (OF). This is an effective way to help bounce back the Philippine in the middle of this pandemic.

CARAVAN: The next big thing in USA

CARAVAN. It is where the “DIGITAL BUYanihan” will take place. Caravan is a global business distribution system that you can do in the comfort of your own US home. It is a bold, dynamic, vibrant and friendly online community where you can buy new and exciting many world-class Filipino products…
By becoming the distributor turned brand ambassador in your respective areas, you are also helping out local Philippine economy to bounce back.